India’s healthcare expenditure is considerably low as compared to other developed and similar emerging economies. Statistics state that this figure is less than half of the global average in terms of percentage, when calculated on GDP basis. In a bid to boost this number, the Indian government has passed a new set of guidelines for public sector undertakings under corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as a major motivator. In India, the regulation of CSR is governed by clause 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, which was passed by both houses of the parliament, and had received assent by the President of India on 29 August 2013. As per the act, the CSR provision is applicable to companies with an annual turnover of INR 1,000 crore or more, or a net worth of INR 500 crore or more, or a net profit of INR 5 crore or more. The new rules will be applicable from the year 2014-15.

Being responsible citizens of our country, we at “Isometrics India Pvt.Ltd.” are dedicated to contribute towards government’s efforts to improve the healthcare scenario in India. Our social responsibilities compel us to actively guide and help others in building a healthier nation. Our deep understanding and knowledge of healthcare domain coupled with government’s undertakings under corporate social responsibilities enable us to be the perfect consultants for corporates willing to dispose their duties and obligations under CSR activities.

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