In the context of hospital projects, when ever you find your selves in situations where one or more contributors or resources are out of your reach, all you need to do is reach out to us. We offer you the best joint venture models.

Joint venture in a hospital project, be it a green field project or a brown field project, is the latest successful trend. Irrespective of whether you intend to be part of a charitable hospital, a self-sustainable hospital or a hospital meant for reaping profits, as your joint venture consultants we play a key role in ensuring that you achieve your objectives. Joint ventures must be smartly dealt with so as to have a win-win situation for all major stake holders and that is exactly what we offer you.

We carefully study your project & concept/base of joint venture in depth and understand the objectives of the potential investors/partners, their reputation and strengths, working capital needs of the project, necessary expansion, existing patient coverage areas and equipment/assets audit and suggest the best model of joint venture for the scenario.

Reasons for joint ventures could be many; governance, access to capital, enhancement of quality, efficiencies and bargaining leverage, continuation and expansion of services being the prominent and most common ones. Joint ventures when carefully and professionally handled by experienced consultants like us guarantee exponential benefits for the partners. Some of the direct advantages of joint ventures in the healthcare sector are: