The company was born out of our passion for the healthcare domain and a vision to provide much needed comprehensive solutions through project consultation for specialty hospitals, in and around Asia. We bring with us over 15 years of unparalleled core domain experience and expertise, right at the inception. Providing reliable engineering solutions for the healthcare industry is the driving force behind this initiation. Located at Pune, India, currently we operate in India, Africa and Middle Eastern regions.

Hospitals are not ordinary buildings; they are complex structures, comprising many sections, meant for different medical departments, all of which are essential to treat patients suffering from numerous diseases. Their intended purpose and criticality makes them extremely challenging to conceive, plan, design and deliver. Ideal hospitals cannot be designed by architects alone; they are the creations of experienced engineers who understand the dynamics of the healthcare industry and healing process deep down, by virtue of decades of experience in the domain. Hospitals must be handled with compassion and care, and no one understands them the way we do.

We strongly believe that hospital projects must be handled by experts. With lives at stake, amateurs can’t be entrusted with the challenges of a hospital project. Thorough research leading to feasibility analysis, planning, design, coordination, bidding, reporting, execution and support, are all integral components of building a healthcare unit. We know it is possible to deliver what is expected of us while operating well within the boundaries provided by the investors, without compromising on quality. We understand that expert project management coupled with domain experience lays the foundation to success.

If you don’t mind, please let us mind your business.

Our goals:

Our objectives:

Isometrics boasts of having self-contained team that includes project engineers, doctors, administrators, bio medical engineers and draftsmen, to name a few. Each one of us is a master in his forte. Our priceless hands-on experience proves to be beneficial in tangible ways.

Where there is experience, there is no scope for errors.

Our close association with the healthcare industry for the past 15 years has enriched our knowledge and understanding, thus transforming us into experienced hospital project consultants that we are today. Experience makes man perfect and we have been perfecting our services through our first-hand experience which converts into measurable, concrete gains to our esteemed clients.

Our services:

We offer our prospective clients a wide array of services to choose from. They have the flexibility to opt for turnkey solutions or select modular services to realize their healthcare dreams. We are ever willing and keen to serve anyone who ideates to build a hospital, or expand an existing one. Doctors, hospitals, institutions and investors in healthcare sector are most welcome to avail of our services.


Turnkey solutions:

Complete package where in our clients are most benefited by enjoying our services through out. We take care of every minutest requirement, right from purchase of the land up to the inauguration of the hospital.

Infection prevention and control:

Ideally hospitals must be 100% infection free. Any degree of infection in hospitals is detrimental to healing process. It costs all the stake holders. Keeping infection to a minimal level is crucial and the process begins right at the stage of planning and continues through all the stages right till completion. There are hundreds of pockets in engineering services which could lead to infection growth. Defects in false ceilings, PVC flooring, laminar air flow systems, AC ducting, OT & ICU pendants, Modular OT, Scrubs are few places where bacteria thrive. Adapting latest engineering practices blindly is likely to result in dire consequences. Poor engineering service means massive additional financial burden to everyone, including management and patients. We have mastery in infection prevention and control in hospitals.

Our strengths:

You can now complete your dream hospital projects without having to worry about anything. Experts are at your service and we are only a call away. All you need to have is an idea, a thought, a dream involving hospitals and we will deliver as per your wish and matching your budget. Allow us to join hands with you and be your business partners and guide you to success.

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